Golden Mile: have your say on the detailed design

Designs for the Golden Mile improvements are progressing well, but there are still some details we need to iron out with your help.  
The planned improvements will change the way the Golden Mile will look, feel, and work for Wellingtonians, so it’s important you understand the plan. We have already made some big design decisions through the business case process last year. Since then, we’ve been progressing our detailed designs for the Golden Mile.  
This is your chance to influence some of the finer details of the designs before they are finalised later this year. These changes are exciting for some and challenging for others. Either way, continuing to understand your insights and get your feedback on the detail is important to make sure we get the best outcomes.   
Some of the big decisions that have already been made include:  

  • Private motor vehicle access will be removed from the Golden Mile  
  • Existing on-street parking on the Golden Mile will be removed 
  • Access to the Golden Mile will be closed at side streets making them cul-de-sacs. This includes the ‘Golden Mile ends’ of Blair Street, Allen Street, Cuba Street, Mercer Street, Ballance Street, Stout Street, Waring Taylor Street, Johnston Street, Brandon Street, Panama Street   
  • Parking layouts on the side streets will change, this will include a reduction in the number of on-streetcar parks.  

Now is your chance to provide feedback on the emerging detailed designs. Below are the areas that we are looking for feedback on: 

  • Streetscape designs, including suggestions for how the new spaces might be used, and planting in the new spaces  
  • Proposed time restrictions for Golden Mile access for large commercial service deliveries and those vehicles that will be granted permits  
  • Locations of the proposed loading zones for the Golden Mile and side streets 
  • Walking and people spaces 
  • Bus stop locations 
  • Cycle lanes on Lambton Quay and Courtenay Place 
  • Taxis, rideshares and food delivery – location of pickup/drop up spots on side roads, and proposed hours for the Courtenay Place service lane 
  • Locations and number of mobility parks 
  • Safety, in particular those locations in our designs that might need special lighting  
  • Any other comments on the detailed design 


What happens next?

Where we can, we’ll use your feedback to inform and develop our designs further.  
We’re continuing to work closely with Mana Whenua, key stakeholders, businesses, residents and building owners on the Golden Mile and the side streets to gather insights and input on detailed elements like access, deliveries, loading zones, street layout, mobility parking, and side street layout.   
Once we have a complete design in 2023, we’ll update you on details like how construction will be phased, construction timing and what to expect throughout construction. We’re expecting to start detailed planning for construction later this year, with construction due to start in the first half of 2023. We’ll be phasing construction over time to minimise impact on existing businesses and everyone who uses the Golden Mile. 

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