What's next

Wellington City Council public hearings will be held on 12 and 13 May. We have reviewed and summarised all feedback, so it can be considered by Wellington City Councillors when they make the final decision on these changes on 11 June.

What we’re proposing

We’re proposing to change the speed limits on most central city streets to 30km/h.

We plan to extend the 30km/h speed limit that is already in place on the Golden Mile (Lambton Quay, part of Willis Street, Manners Street and Courtenay Place) to most other streets.

It is proposed the speed limits on the main through roads remain at 50km/h. This is to encourage people driving through the city to use these main routes rather than quieter streets. You can see the proposed speed limits on the map below and a list of affected streets

In the earlier proposal, we had suggested the speed limit on Taranaki Street be reduced to 30km/h. We are now proposing to keep it at 50km/h. Taranaki Street is likely to be changed in the future. If it becomes part of a mass transit route, we’d review the speed limit at that time.

Your feedback will be considered by Wellington City Council which is expected to make final decisions on this in mid-2020.

Why do this now?

We need to make a start now on moving more people with fewer vehicles.

Changing speed limits to 30km/h will help to make Wellington’s city centre a more pleasant and relaxed place, and provide a better environment for people walking and on bikes. 

With a growing population, it’s crucial more of us use public transport, walk or bike. Safer central city speeds will help to encourage this.

Proposed safer speed zone 

The map of the city centre and Te Aro shows where a safer speed zone is planned.

If you're having trouble viewing the map below, download a pdf (180KB .pdf).

You can also view a full list of the affected streets

Central city safer speeds timeline

Feb-Mar 2020

Have your say on recommended speed changes

Early June

Councillors make final decision on the proposal

Mid 2020

Speed limits changed