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City Streets package to provide more choice and ways for Wellingtonians to get around

The City Streets package to be considered by Wellington City Council, Greater Wellington Regional Council and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency over coming weeks will support the wider Let’s Get Wellington Moving programme by improving connections for people on buses, bikes or walking between the central city and suburban centres.

The package proposes better bus priority, improved walking, cycling and public facilities. It incorporates earlier work from the 2019 Bus Priority Action Plan and will help complete the city’s cycleway network.

“City Streets will be a $350 million ten-year investment in public transport, walking, cycling, and street improvements. It will help prepare Wellington for future growth, make our city a better place to be, and provide options for people to get around without using their car.

“It will also help us reduce carbon emissions as we work towards the goal of becoming a net zero carbon capital by 2050,” says Let’s Get Wellington Moving Acting Programme Director, David Dunlop.

The Let’s Get Wellington Moving vision for Wellington is a great harbour city, accessible to all, with attractive places, shared streets, and efficient local and regional journeys.

Mr Dunlop says for this vision to become a reality, we need to move more people with fewer vehicles.

“This is an incredible opportunity for Wellington as we look to the future. City Streets will take into account the major changes being planned by Let’s Get Wellington Moving for our city, such as Mass Rapid Transit and improvements at the Basin Reserve and through Mt Victoria.

“By improving the safety and efficiency of public transport, walking and cycling, the City Streets Programme will encourage more people to use these modes to get around Wellington.  In turn, this will contribute to overall improvements in how our streets are used, including people who still need to use a vehicle for their journeys through and to the city,” says Mr Dunlop

The City Streets package will be considered by Wellington City Council’s Planning & Environment committee on Wednesday 25 August, before going to Greater Wellington Regional Council and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency. It demonstrates to Councillors the preferred way forward, recommending a programme for investment and setting out the details for how the City Streets package will be delivered.

Approval of the City Streets package will unlock funding to begin more detailed investigation along nineteen recommended corridors for improvement, incorporating better walking, cycling and public transport options to improve connections between the city and suburbs.

The cycling improvements will be fully integrated with the significant investment in developing the cycling network that Wellington City Council has committed to in the Long-term Plan.

“There is a huge amount of investigation and design work to be done before individual projects are defined and commissioned. Hearing from local communities and people will be a vital part of that work,” says Mr Dunlop.

The City Streets package will be funded by Let’s Get Wellington Moving funding partners and divided into multiple stages over ten years, with the first stage taking three years to complete.

More information can be found here.

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  • Filosofos Submitted on 27 August 2021

    You can't talk about efficient REGIONAL transport when you're concentrating only on south of the railway station and ignoring the existing rail system. After all, your own statistics show that more than half of the cars congesting the CBD are coming from the north (i.e. trumping the south, east and west combined!). Have you thought that perhaps it's too inconvenient to get off the trains on the edge of the CBD and change, when the state highway is continuous? Mass transit must be rail-based on 1067 mm gauge and compatible with the existing system, so that eventually we can have tram-trains running from the north, seamlessly through the Golden Mile, to the south and east. The pictures in your mass transit page show trackless vehicles along the waterfront, which is dominated by cars and distant from the businesses. Mass transit must deliver people to the door of businesses, especially when you exclude cars. So when you pedestrianise the Golden Mile, it is ESSENTIAL that you lay rails there at the same time so future generations don't have to rip up your work and do it all over again. Do it once and do it right!

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