Smarter Transport Network

Helping people make better use of existing transport options while we complete the projects in our Let’s Get Wellington Moving programme.

About this project

Smarter Transport Network is about encouraging people to change the way we travel, reduce carbon emissions and traffic congestion, and move more people with fewer vehicles – especially in peak hours.

It includes activities that make it easier for people to walk, bike or use public transport instead of their cars, such as:

  • adding more timely and efficient connections at public transport hubs
  • providing easy-to-access information and updates about travel choices, and
  • supporting public education and promotion, including walking and biking-to-school or work events

And, encourages employers to:

  • support flexible working hours and working from home, and
  • improve workplace facilities such as showers and bike racks.

These activities will help people make better and more efficient use of our existing transport options, and support them to find and use alternatives to private vehicle travel.

It will also help people move to and around the city while we build the projects in the Let’s Get Wellington Moving programme.

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