Mass Rapid Transit FAQs for Property Owners

Mass Rapid Transit may have an effect on properties nearby. Find out what that could mean for property owners.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When will I know if my property will be affected?  

The next stage in the process for the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)/Strategic Highway Improvements (SHI) will commence at the beginning of 2023. To support the investigations needed to inform this phase of work, we will identify a study area or route that includes land on either side of the preferred MRT option.  
If you own a property within the identified study area you will receive a letter from Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency on behalf of LGWM. This doesn’t necessarily mean your property will be directly affected by the project, but because you may potentially be affected, we will keep you informed of progress on the project and any opportunities to provide feedback as part of our engagement activities 
As we further progress the project’s Detailed Business Case (DBC) and confirm a preferred option (ie, the preferred route and design) around late 2023-early 2024, we will again, contact directly affected landowners before a preferred route is publicly announced. 
For more information on our timeframes and business case process look here

What happens if my property is directly affected?  

When we know that the property you own will be directly affected by the Project, we will:  

  • Meet and talk with you personally   
  • Work with you to manage your concerns  
  • Explain the support you are entitled to  
  • Explain the relevant processes and your rights  

What will happen if my land is required by the project?  

If some, or all, of your land is required for the project, Waka Kotahi (on behalf of the Crown) may purchase your land under the Public Works Act (PWA). Subject to approvals and funding, property negotiations are likely to commence from 2024.   
Waka Kotahi will appoint an independent Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) accredited property consultant to work with you directly. They will ensure that the purchase negotiated is fair to you as the landowner, your tenant (if appropriate), and Waka Kotahi. Part of this process involves seeking independent advice.  
Landowners can go to the LINZ website for more information. LINZ produced a booklet, Landowners’ Rights When the Crown Requires Your Land for a Public Work, to inform landowners of their rights and the role of accredited suppliers in negotiations. You can browse this information online or download a printable version.  

I hear you are buying the land of some property owners. Why are you buying some properties now?   

In some situations, advance purchase could be an option. Advance purchase requests are considered in special circumstances and are subject to funding approvals.  

When will properties be purchased?

Property purchase typically commences two to three years before construction starts, however this can occur earlier. Waka Kotahi will contact property owners to begin purchase negotiations under the Public Works Act (1981).   

If my property/business may be affected, who do I speak to?

You can contact the LGWM team at   

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