Mass Rapid Transit

From November 2, we'll be asking you for feedback on options that will transform the way we get around our city and allow us to choose how and where we live. It's time to say Hello to the future of Wellington.

About this project

As Wellington continues to grow, we need to evolve our transport system so we can keep enjoying our unique lifestyle and protect the planet. Through new and exciting transport choices, we’ve got a huge opportunity to shape how we live, reinvigorate our city, and reduce our emissions.

We want to create a safer, healthier and climate-friendly city with potential for housing and urban development. And the way to do this is by creating a Mass Rapid Transit system that moves Wellington into the future.

We'll investigate and design a mass transit system to connect the railway station with the Hospital, Newtown, Miramar and the Airport.

Mass Rapid Transit will improve travel choice through the city with attractive public transport on a second spine along the waterfront quays. It will also help shape a more compact and sustainable city and region.

This project will be part of the wider public transport network, with:

  • High-frequency services (every 10 minutes or less)
  • Modern, high capacity electric vehicles with superior ride quality
  • Fast loading and unloading
  • Dedicated lanes with signal priority
  • High-quality stations with level boarding

What happens to the Basin Reserve and Mt Vic Tunnel

To achieve our vision for Wellington as a great harbour city, accessible to all, with attractive places, shared streets, and efficient local and regional journeys, we need to move more people with fewer vehicles.

The state highway plays a vital role in Wellington’s transport network. It connects people and freight to key regional destinations such as the central city, port, hospital, airport and eastern suburbs. However at peak times the queues are long, and traffic moves very slowly. We want to improve travel choices and reliability for all transport modes using this important corridor. To do this, we’re starting off by looking at two key pinch points. The Basin Reserve and the Mt Victoria Tunnel.

But we also need to think about how our city will grow in the years to come. By considering the bigger picture, and how these areas work as part of our wider transport system, we will make sure that any proposed improvements are future-proofed and support the city’s development. Broadly we’re looking at how possible improvements at the Basin Reserve and Mt Victoria Tunnel highway can:

  • Enhance the liveability of the central city.

  • Reduce reliance on private vehicle travel.

  • Provide more efficient and reliable access to support growth.

  • Improve safety for all users.

  • Improve resilience through a transport system that’s adaptable to disruptions and future uncertainty.

Later this year we’ll be sharing some improvement options and asking you to tell us what you think.

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