2017 Community and Stakeholder Workshops

We sought input from the community and stakeholders to help shape how we should present scenarios to the public later in the year.

2017 - Community and Stakeholder Workshops

In March and April 2017 we sought feedback at a mid-point in our scenario development process in a series of community and stakeholder workshops, facilitated by independent research company UMR.

We wanted to check we’re heading in the right direction. We also wanted to get people’s views on how we should present a short list of scenarios to the public later in the year. 

The workshops were not about making decisions. They were another opportunity for LGWM to listen and be guided by community input.

We outlined a range of possible interventions that could be made in each of four focus areas:

  1. Better public transport
  2. Improving the state highway
  3. Active transport improvements (walking and cycling)
  4. Managing travel demand

More information and background about how we arrived at the four focus areas is in covered in more detail in the ’Developing Scenarios’ document.

In each focus area we listed what’s already planned and possible levels of further intervention – from not doing much to doing a great deal. We also examined how each of the focus areas would be just one part of a possible transport solution, how the focus areas work together, and how they would impact on each other. 

Click the links below to download the presentation that was used at the workshops, the questions and answers that came out of the workshops, and the summary of all of the workshop feedback.

UMR Presentation

Questions and Answers

UMR Report & Feedback 

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