What happens next?

The Let's Get Wellington Moving Governance Group is currently engaging with central government on Let's Get Wellington Moving’s draft recommended programme of investment, and is aiming to approve the programme for release in the next few months.

The recommended programme will lay out the intended approach for improving Wellington’s transport system over the next two decades. It will be a high-level plan that supports the growth of the city and the wider region, and helps people get around, whether they’re walking, cycling, using public transport, or driving.

The recommended programme will also outline a preferred approach for integrating transport and urban development through the central city, and report expected outcomes against Let's Get Wellington Moving’s objectives including liveability, improved access, reduced reliance on private vehicles, safety, and resilience.

Detailed investigation, engagement, design and consenting work will start after the recommended programme is approved and released. This work will be substantial, particularly for the larger and more complex improvements in the programme.

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