LGWM engagement 2020

A stakeholder briefing was held on 28 May 2020. Stakeholder questions and comments were collated for the project team to consider for the development of the proposal. Feedback was provided on key aspects, such as different modes and priorities. 

Wider public engagement was undertaken in May and June using the online mapping tool, Social Pinpoint. Most of the feedback we received was from people who travel through the Hutt Road and Thorndon Quay area, with less from people who travel to, work in or have a business on Thorndon Quay or Hutt Road. Bus operators and bus drivers also gave their feedback.  

We received 648 online comments from 158 people, and five contact form submissions. There were around 30 comments posted on Facebook. Feedback encompassed a wide range of aspects along both Thorndon Quay and Hutt Road and has been used to inform and support the development of proposed long-term options.

Recent City Council consultations 

Hutt Road 

Public consultation for the walking and biking paths along Hutt Road opened on 16 March 2016. Two open days were held for people to come along and find out more. There were 991 submissions before consultation closed on 18 April 2016. Councillors heard 45 public oral submissions at the Transport and Urban Development Committee meeting on 5 May 2016.  
Work on the first phase of upgrading the shared path started in October 2016, starting with replacing the street lights on the western side of Hutt Road. Preliminary construction on the new paths got under way in April 2017 and continued until mid-2018 as far as the Tinakori Road intersection. Widening the bridge over Kaiwharawhara Stream happened in late 2019. 

Thorndon Quay 

A community working group was established by Wellington City Council in early 2017 to look at how Thorndon Quay could potentially be changed to include safe cycling facilities and improve bus travel. It was decided that no changes would be made at that time. 
In 2018 the Council consulted on interim improvements to Thorndon Quay between Davis Street and Mulgrave Street. Construction was planned in conjunction with routine road sealing work at the end of 2018. However, due to budget constraints this temporary change wasn't made. 

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