Right turns and using the Aotea Quay roundabout

We are proposing to make Hutt Road safer for everyone by restricting right turns across the road (reducing conflict between motor vehicles, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians). The proposed Aotea Quay roundabout will reduce the amount of freight and ferry traffic on Hutt Road by allowing these vehicles to stay on State Highway 1.

Getting to and from the ferry terminal

To get to the ferry terminal at Kaiwharawhara from the north, vehicles will be able to use State Highway 1 instead of Hutt Road.

No right turns on Hutt Road

If you would normally turn right into or out of a property on Hutt Road between Aotea Quay and Ngauranga, where we are proposing a raised central median, you will need to use an alternative turning point. The animation below shows the turning locations for larger vehicles and smaller vehicles if no safe alternatives can be designed.