In late 2019 we asked how the Golden Mile could be improved for people walking and on bikes, and to help make travelling by bus a more reliable choice. This report summarises the feedback we received.


The Golden Mile Improvements November-December engagement had a map based platform where people could give their feedback to specific locations.


You can see what people said here.


The Golden Mile (Lambton Quay to Courtenay Place) is the heart of Wellington. We want to make it better for people walking and on bikes, and give buses more priority.

We need to make a start now on moving more people with fewer vehicles. To do this, we want to make travelling by bus to the central city a faster and more reliable choice. We also want to create a better, safer environment for people walking and on bikes.

The Golden Mile is an incredible asset for the city and the region. It’s our high street, where we meet, and the main route for buses bringing people into the central city. We’re determined to make the Golden Mile even better and reflect the kind of city people have told us they want - a compact, liveable city that is safe and easy to move around.

The ‘Golden Mile’ is the route formed by Lambton Quay, Willis Street, Manners Street and Courtenay Place. It is the city’s busiest pedestrian area, with nearly 30,000 people walking along part of it on a typical weekday, and a key shopping and hospitality area.

It is also the main route for buses, with an estimated 37,000 people travelling by bus on part of the Golden Mile on a typical weekday. Approximately 6,000 people travel some of the Golden Mile in cars and 500 people bike.

There are some things we can’t change, like the Golden Mile being a key route for buses, but there is a lot we can do to make it a safer and more pleasant place to walk, shop and dine.

We’re developing a long-term plan for the Golden Mile. We’re also looking at what improvements we can trial, and what permanent changes we could implement next year to start making the Golden Mile a more attractive and safer place for people walking and on bikes, while also improving the reliability of bus journeys.

Over time, you could see signal improvements, bus stop improvements, wider footpaths, and more high quality spaces for people to enjoy. There will also be changes to the layout of street space to help more people travel along the Golden Mile in fewer vehicles. We will explore options such as increasing the space for bus lanes, adding pedestrian crossings, and reduce the time people wait at existing pedestrian crossings. Reducing the number of side street intersections on the Golden Mile could be included in the proposal.

Before we start, we’d like to hear what improvements the community would like to see so we can make sure that the options we develop reflect how people want to use this space.


Late 2019

Have your say on the vision

Early 2020

Minor improvements and trials developed

Mid 2020

Have your say on options

Late 2020

Preferred option identified

From 2021

Delivery of the preferred option begins