Safer and easier to bus, bike and walk

We will be looking at improvements to make it safer and easier to walk and bike in the central city, and make travelling by bus faster and more reliable on some routes. These changes will include creating more places for people.

Our programme partners, Wellington City Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council, developed a draft bus priority action plan to make travelling by bus faster and more reliable, especially at peak times, on the eight busiest routes into the central city. This will happen as part of Let's Get Wellington Moving so improvements for buses can be made alongside improvements for people walking and biking.

These planned changes are connected to other Let's Get Wellington Moving projects, including improvements on the Golden Mile, Thorndon Quay and Hutt Road.

Bus priority

Improvements will include more bus lanes, traffic signal changes, in-lane bus stops (where the bus stops in the traffic lane to pick up or drop off passengers), and the spacing and number of bus stops.

The bus priority changes will be part of the Let's Get Wellington Moving wider transport improvements planned for the city.

Wellington City Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council approved the draft bus priority action plan in December 2019.

Draft bus priority action plan


Bus priority corridors

Thorndon Quay and Hutt Road project

Golden Mile project

Te Ara Tupua shared path

Changes for bikes

We will be improving connections for people on bikes to make it easier to get to, through and around the central city.

This includes some of the projects already underway as part of Wellington City Council’s ongoing work to develop a citywide cycle network.

Although we haven’t confirmed any routes yet, we’re looking at what streets in the city could include dedicated cycle lanes. Some of our early work looked at a central city cycle network that ran along Featherston Street, Thorndon Quay, Courtenay Place, Dixon Street, Taranaki Street, Willis Street, Victoria Street, Kent and Cambridge terraces and Bowen Street.

We’re now looking at how a cycle network could work as part of the Let’s Get Wellington Moving programme, alongside walking improvements, bus priority and the Mass Rapid Transport network.

Cycling Master Plan & Framework

Walking improvements

For now, we're looking at making some small changes at intersections on the busiest walking routes in the central city to make it faster, safer and easier to cross.

Further improvements are likely to include wider footpaths in some places, and improved crossings, shelters, signs and lights.

We’ll also be looking at better walking connections to and from the central city along the busiest bus routes.

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