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Golden Mile Tile

Golden Mile Improvements

The Golden Mile (Lambton Quay to Courtenay Place) is the heart of Wellington. We want to make it...

Central City Speeds Tile

Central City Safer Speeds

Reviewing speeds on central city streets.

Feedback on the current engagement is now closed.

State Highway Speeds Tile

State Highway Safer Speeds

Reviewing speeds on State Highway 1 east of Mt Victoria.

Cobham Crossing Tile

Cobham Drive Crossing

Investigating options for a walking and cycling crossing over Cobham Drive.

HuttRoad ThorndonQuay Tile

Thorndon Quay & Hutt Road Improvements

Priority for buses, improvements for walking and cycling, and a more attractive streetscape.

Central City Walking Tile

Central City Walking Improvements

Adjusting signals and making safety improvements for walking in the central city.

Mass Transit Tile

Mass Rapid Transit

Creating a new mass transit route connecting the Railway Station with Newtown and the eastern...

Basin Tile

Unblocking The Basin Reserve

Investigating options to ease congestion and improve journeys for all road users

Mount Victoria Tile

Extra Mt Victoria Tunnel

Investigating options for a second Mount Victoria tunnel to improve access for all travel types.

City Streets Tile

City Streets

Investigating changes to roads in the city improve access for all travel types and move more people...

Smarter Network Tile v2

Smarter Transport Network

Investigating a smart transport package that makes best use of infrastructure while we build the...