Works starting on Thorndon Quay and 1 to 87 Hutt Road

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From late October you will see crews moving gear to sites along Thorndon Quay and the southern part of Hutt Road.

Works will start from early November and will mean a significant upgrade for the area including new bus stops, new pedestrian crossings and traffic signals, a cycle lane, improvements to seating, planting and lighting, and priority bus lanes in peak times.

We consulted on these designs late last year and they were approved by Wellington City Council’s Regulatory Processes Committee in August. We received over 1300 submissions from organisations and the public and made some changes as a result.

See details of the changes made

Preparations are complete

To get ready to start this work, we did underground potholing at night to confirm the exact locations of existing utilities like power, water, telephony and fibre as well as soil quality testing and assessment of ground water levels.

Improvement works are starting in November on Thorndon Quay and from 1 to 87 Hutt Road.

We’ll be working in sections

Our crews will start moving their equipment in and setting up safe work areas from late October. There will usually be two areas of work at a time along the route. We may need to change this approach as the work progresses to ensure the construction is as efficient as possible.

Traffic management

There will be two lanes open for traffic during the day and safe separation for pedestrians and cyclists. After 8pm, there may be a single lane with stop/go instructions.

Some sections of street parking will be closed so that we can fence off safe working areas. There will be clear signs showing people using buildings, footpaths, bus stops and roads how to get around the roadworks safely. We will do things like underground cabling and road surfacing (with acoustic screens) at night when the roads are less busy.

Keeping you informed

Before we start each section of work, we’ll contact businesses and residents in the immediate area to let them know. People will also be able to speak to our construction team to resolve any practical issues that come up.

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