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We're working with Denmark-based Gehl Architects to identify opportunities to raise the urban quality and liveability of Wellington city.

Creating a liveable city starts with a deep understanding of people’s behaviour and needs, placing people first in planning and decision-making processes. The Gehl Public Space Public Life methodology promotes more liveable places by looking at relationships between the built environment, people’s movements around the city and their quality of life. It is an internationally recognised research approach that has been used as a best practice model to guide wide-ranging transport and urban development projects around the world. 

The study will help us prioritise and evaluate future projects. It will also help the Programme time its projects in a way that ensures Wellington retains, and enhances, its unique character and liveability during times of major change. Wellington City Council will use the findings to inform its work on Planning for Growth.

Surveyors will be on the streets of central Wellington at the end of the month. They will observe pedestrian, cycle and vehicle movements, demographics, public transport and use of parking, green spaces and recreational areas. The data will then be analysed by the team of specialists in Denmark before a final report and recommendations are released in June 2021.

Gehl Architects completed a similar benchmark study for Wellington City Council in 2004. This follow-up study will fill a gap in our understanding of how people’s movements around the city and quality of life have changed over the last seventeen years.

Henriette Vamberg, Gehl Architects Managing Director and Partner, says “Gehl will provide our advice on how Wellington can grow and transform while building on the foundation of people and places. Wellington has a great potential for becoming an even more livable and inclusive city and we look forward to find ways, how the potential can be realised”.

Let’s Get Wellington Moving is a partnership between Wellington City Council, Greater Wellington Regional Council and Waka Kotahi.


  • Bob sole Mar 12, 2022, 10:50 AM (11 months ago)

    This is great stuff and exactly the right direction for Wellington. We need to do things differently not repeat errors of other cities!!
    Love or hate the terrace tunnel, at least it limits flow into the city….
    Be bold welly, let’s invest wisely and do something truly great, not average….

  • John O'Connell Apr 13, 2021, 11:41 AM (22 months ago)

    Just more wasting time and money - in the words of the Late Duke of Edinburgh "Just get on with it" The second Mt Victoria tunnel was meant to be completed in 1979, I repeat 1979. I have a letter from WCC to that effect. How much money has been spent (wasted) on "consultations" since then? Without being too harsh it would appear that the officials, Councilors and consultants have worked out that LGWM is a great "money spinner". To put my comment in perspective - the property I live in will be materially affected by the second tunnel as it will pass under the property.

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