New leaders appointed at Let's Get Wellington Moving

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Let’s Get Wellington Moving has announced key leadership appointments to ensure the programme is set up to deliver its ambitious, multi-billion-dollar, 20-year plan.

The recent health check recommended simplifying, sharpening and empowering the programme’s governance. A major recommendation was the appointment of a new independent chairperson to strengthen the Board’s governance role.

The Let’s Get Wellington Moving Partnership Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Dave Brash into this new position.

As an independent chairperson, Mr Brash will bring impartiality, a conflict resolution focus, and programme expertise to the board table.

A highly experienced chairperson, Mr Brash has been providing advice to the Urban Form and Transport Initiative in Tauranga, a programme with similar objectives to Let’s Get Wellington Moving. A Wellingtonian with extensive experience tackling complex transport, environmental and resilience challenges, Mr Brash was national recovery manager for the Kaikoura earthquake and led the development of the Emissions Trading Scheme.

“I’m excited to be working with the partners and chairing the Let’s Get Wellington Moving Board. I know how challenging it is to develop large-scale infrastructure in an urban environment. The success of our city and region depends on us getting this right and progressing the programme as rapidly as practical,” says Mr Brash.

The board has also established a new role of Three-Year Programme Director, and has appointed Siobhan Procter into this position.

This new role will oversee the short-term programme including the Golden Mile, Thorndon Quay & Hutt Road, the Cobham Drive crossing and safer speeds on State Highway 1, walking improvements in the central city, and a number of other significant bus priority projects. The projects in the three-year programme all aim to make it safer and easier to walk or bike and make our buses more reliable.

Siobhan will join the programme leadership team in early May, coming from Wellington City Council where she is the Transport and Infrastructure Manager. Siobhan has over 20 years’ experience planning and delivering projects in the infrastructure sector.

The board has appointed Technical Director David Dunlop as Acting Programme Director while it recruits a new permanent Programme Director.

Mr Dunlop has a transport planning and land use integration background. He is passionate about planning and delivering outcomes that improve the communities where we live and work.

The Board is pleased to appoint these very talented and experienced Wellingtonians to lead Let’s Get Wellington Moving and reshape how people get around. The team has a big job completing the business cases so that record investment in Wellington transport projects can be unlocked and the goal of moving more people with fewer vehicles can be achieved. At the same time, they have an important task implementing the recommendations of the recent health check.

In addition to appointing these new positions, changes are being progressed to streamline decision-making, simplify the programme’s governance structure, and improve collaboration between the partners.

  • John O'Connell May 4, 2021, 3:22 PM (3 years ago)

    Just another regurgitation exercise. How long do we, the ratepayers, have to wait for the 2nd Mt Victoria tunnel which was promised by the then WCC to be completed by 1969, i.e. 52 years ago. In the meantime all we have had at huge expense to the ratepayers are interminable talkfests. As for the idea of slowing the traffic on SH 1 and putting a pedestrian crossing over it - where did this lunacy come from? The traffic already inches along SH 1 because of the bottleneck at the Basin Reserve

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