Let’s Get Wellington Moving replaces leaf rating visuals with written descriptions

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Let’s Get Wellington Moving has removed the ‘climate friendly’ leaf rating visual icons on its engagement website hello.lgwm.nz and replaced these with written descriptions to summarise more fully the projected impacts on carbon emissions of its four transformational options.

“Determining potential carbon emissions for the programme options is a complex process incorporating many variables. The four options have different outcomes over different time scales, but all options will reduce carbon emissions in the longer term,” says Let’s Get Wellington Moving acting programme director David Dunlop.

“All of the options will result in more people taking public transport, more people walking and cycling, and more people living closer to the central city and travelling shorter distances,” says Mr Dunlop.

“We attempted to tell this complex story simply on one line using visual leaf icons, but we acknowledge that we over-simplified the story and obscured some of the important findings of our analysis.

“We encourage people who would like to learn more about the projected impacts on carbon emissions of our options to read the full suite of technical documents on our website,” says Mr Dunlop.

Anyone who would like to resubmit their engagement survey feedback informed by the written descriptions of projected impacts on carbon emissions is welcome to do so.

Let’s Get Wellington Moving will attempt to contact those people who have completed the engagement survey to date, draw their attention to the written descriptions on the website, and invite them to resubmit their feedback if they wish.



Carbon snapshot

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

  • Martin Brabander Dec 18, 2021, 7:35 PM (24 months ago)

    Leaf ratings "News"

    What a waste of time. This is why LGWM will never achieve any real change. Too busy worrying about the marketing and not enough about the 'doing' Facta, non verba

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