Transforming Thorndon Quay

Thorndon Quay

Consultation on proposed traffic resolution and speed change, and public engagement on proposed design

7 November to 9 December 2022 (NOW CLOSED)

We want to hear from you

We've been engaging with you on transforming Haukawakawa | Thorndon Quay since 2020, and some key decisions have already been made to make this road safer and more attractive. This includes: 

  • adding bus lanes in both directions to improve bus travel times and reliability during peak hours, encouraging more people to use public transport 
  • adding a two-way cycleway to connect the existing cycleway on Hutt Road to the city 

We are continuing to develop streetscape designs with Mana Whenua that reflect the culture and history of this area. 


This is your chance to provide feedback on:

  • the emerging detailed design of Haukawakawa | Thorndon Quay to help finalise what it will look like
  • changes to speed limits on Haukawakawa | Thorndon Quay 
  • traffic resolutions for a variety of traffic and parking changes from Bunny Street, through Thorndon Quay, and up to the Aotea Quay overbridge. 

Below are some of the areas that we are looking for feedback on: 

  • increased lighting, seating, and planting    
  • bus lane hours of operation and bus stop locations   
  • proposed location and number of mobility parks   
  • proposed location of loading zones for service and delivery vehicles   
  • types of parking spaces and proposed length of stay   
  • reduced speed from 50 kmph to 30 kmph on Haukawakawa | Thorndon Quay
  • associated traffic resolutions
  • changes to parking and other traffic restrictions

Fly through of Thorndon Quay engineering model

Speed change

We are consulting on changing the speed limit along Haukawakawa | Thorndon Quay. Please complete the submission form to provide formal feedback on this proposed change. 

We are proposing to reduce the speed between Tinakori Road and Mulgrave Street from 50 kmph to 30 kmph, linking into the existing CBD 30 kmph zone at Mulgrave Street. This is consistent with the Wellington City Council policy on speed setting, adopted in response to the National Speed Setting Rule 2022. 

This reflects the new street environment, increased number of cyclists, and suitability for the large number of children using the street. 

The speed change and your feedback will be considered by Wellington City Councillors at the first appropriate committee meeting in 2023. If you choose to, you can present your feedback directly to the committee either in-person or online. 

Traffic resolution

A lot of the changes that we are making to Haukawakawa | Thorndon Quay will affect traffic and parking. These types of changes must be formally be approved through a traffic resolution as part of Wellington City Council's traffic resolution process to make them legally enforceable. 

Feedback on the proposed changes must be made by filling out the submission form or contacting us for an alternative version at Call us on 0800 110 130.  

All submissions must be received by 11:59 pm on 9 December 2022. 

The traffic resolutions and your feedback will be considered by Wellington City Councillors at the first appropriate committee meeting in 2023. If you choose to, you can present your feedback directly to the Council committee, either in person or online.  

A summary of the feedback received on the design of Haukawakawa | Thorndon Quay will be available on our website. As always, we’ll keep you informed and provide feedback on how your input influenced the decisions made by WCC and on the next steps. 

TR26 – 23 Thorndon Quay, Pipitea - proposed corridor:  

  • prioritise bus journeys at peak times and upgrade cycling and walking facilities
  • introduce a bi-directional cycleway on the eastern side of the corridor
  • introduce peak hour bus lanes in both the northbound and southbound directions. Install parallel parking off peak and in the off peak direction
  • move bus stops
  • install a raised safety buffer between the cycleway and traffic lanes
  • install new raised pedestrian crossings
  • install traffic signals on Tinakori Road

TR26-23 Thorndon Quay

Supporting Drawings


We are working with Mana Whenua on the streetscape design.

Mana Whenua have gifted us names for the three sections of the Thorndon Quay and Hutt Road project – Haukawakawa (Thorndon Quay) closest to the city, Kaiwharawhara the middle section, and Ngā Ūranga at the northern extent. 

These areas are tied together as panels that comprise a whariki (cloak), with the road corridor as the hika thread, which reinforces the design. The streetscape design has three key themes of tangata (people), awa (water) and whenua (land). These designs look to reinstate the mana of the streams and historical environment.  

Haukawakawa to Ngā Ūranga (Thorndon Quay to Hutt Road) is currently dominated by cars. The streetscape designs will express specific cultural and historical narratives. These will contribute to a more appealing and attractive urban environment, encouraging people to spend time at the place rather than passing through.  

Street furniture  

We are adding more seating and leaners. This will contribute to a more appealing and attractive urban environment, encouraging people to spend time in the area.   


We’re replacing small sections of pavement and are still looking into what surface material we’ll use at specific locations. For example, we want to highlight where streams run under the road. 


We have identified some spaces along Haukawakawa | Thorndon Quay for trees and plants which complement the culture and history of the area. 


Acknowledging the high number of children on parts of the street, we are including designs and pavement art to raise awareness among cyclists and encourage children to safely cross the cycle path. 

These designs have been informed by trials undertaken in August and September 2022. The trials were co-designed with representatives from pedestrian and cycle groups, as well as childcare facilities. 

Thank you to everyone that has provided feedback. 


An accessibility audit and CPTED review will be undertaken on the design following this consultation. In the meantime, we welcome any feedback in this regard.

Personal safety  

We know there are areas on Haukawakawa | Thorndon Quay that make people feel unsafe and need improving.  We have made the pedestrian crossings safer and added a new one. We are also reviewing the street lighting.  

For people walking

On Haukawakawa| Thorndon Quay the footpath will be separated from the cycle path to provide dedicated space for people on foot and on bike.

The street environment will be improved with planting, seats, lights, and different surfaces.   

Pedestrian crossings will be the same level as the footpath and be controlled by traffic lights, making it safer and easier to cross the street.    

There is a new pedestrian crossing underneath the Thorndon Overbridge. The pedestrian crossing at Davis Street will be moved to make it safer. 

Tinakori Road intersection will have traffic lights and road level pedestrian crossings.  

For people on bikes

We are installing a two-way cycle path on one side of Haukawakawa | Thorndon Quay to extend the existing two-way cycle path on Hutt Road through to the central city. This will allow passing space for people riding at different speeds, while avoiding the intersections on the other side of the street and the bus interchange at Mulgrave Street. 

The cycle path will be separated from the footpath, to provide dedicated space for people cycling and walking. 

The design of the cycle path will make vehicle crossing points as safe as possible. 

Cycle crossings will be included at pedestrian crossings. 

Bike parking will be provided for all types of bikes, including cargo bikes. 

The street environment will be improved to make cycling journeys more pleasant.

For people on buses

We are installing peak hour bus lanes in both directions to improve bus travel times and reliability, encouraging more people to take the bus. 

During morning peak traffic hours, there will be a dedicated bus lane into the city. This means buses will be able to bypass any traffic congestion, improving bus reliability and reducing travel time. In the afternoon peak traffic hours, there will be a dedicated bus lane out of the city. 

  • On weekday mornings, we are recommending a bus lane into the city between 6.30 am and 9.30 am.
  • On weekday afternoons, we are recommending a bus lane out of the city, between 4 pm and 6.30 pm. 

At all other times of the day and during weekends, buses will be in the same lane as general traffic. 

Priority will be given to buses at Mulgrave Street to improve journey times. 

Other improvements

The street environment will be improved to make it more pleasant while you are waiting for a bus. 

Pedestrian crossings will be improved to make it safer to get to and from bus stops. 

Two pairs of bus stops along Haukawakawa | Thorndon Quay are being removed to improve speed and reliability along the corridor. They are:

  • the stops near the storage units at 285 Thorndon Quay, which have very low usage; and
  • the stops near 191 Thorndon Quay (into the city) and 230 Thorndon Quay (out of the city, as there are already stops close to these in both directions).

For people driving

We are maintaining one lane of general traffic in both directions at all times.

We are installing traffic lights at the intersection of Thorndon Quay, Hutt Road and Tinakori Road. 

The proposed design includes 260 parking spaces off-peak (there are currently 321) and 130-138 parking spaces during the peak. These numbers include mobility spaces and loading zones. 

We are:

  • increasing mobility parking from one space to 14 spaces 
  • increasing loading zone parking from 11 spaces to 38 spaces
  • increasing motorcycle parking from five bays to 14 bays 

We are proposing parking time restrictions generally in line with previous feedback we received from you in our last engagement in 2021 in that:   

  • 22% (41) of the parking will be P10 minute parks 
  • 35% (64) of the parking will be P30 minute parks 
  • 43% (78) of the parking will be P120 minute parks 
  • P120 parks have been located in less active sections of the corridor 

For a more detailed breakdown of the changes within each section of the road, see the traffic resolution.


We are planning to start construction on Haukawakawa | Thorndon Quay in late 2023 to improve safety for everyone who uses the road and to give buses priority.

We are carefully planning how we’ll maintain traffic flow on Haukawakawa | Thorndon Quay and build the new road layout safely, next to thousands of people moving past us each day.

The work will start near Aotea Quay Overbridge and finish at Bunny Street. We will work in small sections using construction methods that help keep one lane open in each direction for the majority of the work on that section.  The rest of Haukawakawa | Thorndon Quay will operate as usual to minimise disruption for everyone.

Please go to the submission form to let us know what you think about our two construction options and how we can stay in touch with you during construction.

What happens next?

Where we can, we’ll use your feedback to inform and develop our designs further. Our engagement report will be published on our Thorndon Quay & Hutt Road page.

We’re continuing to work closely with Mana Whenua, key stakeholders, businesses, residents and building owners on Thorndon Quay to gather insights and input on detailed elements like parking and street layout.  

Sign up to the Thorndon Quay Hutt Road mailing list to be informed of progress. 

Got questions? 

Once you've had a look around and read all about what's happening, if you've got questions, check out the Thorndon Quay & Hutt Road page. If you're unable to find the information you need, contact us. 

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