Johnsonville and Ngā Ūranga

We are looking at how we can make improvements for people travelling by bus, on bikes, or walking between the Johnsonville triangle and the inner city via Ngā Ūranga Gorge.

Where is this project happening?

We are looking at how we can make improvements for people travelling by bus, on bikes, or walking between the Johnsonville triangle (Johnsonville Road, Moorefield Road and Broderick Road) and the inner city via Ngā Ūranga Gorge. This is a 3.6km route which includes a section of State Highway 1 as well as the busy township of Johnsonville.


What we will be doing

Johnsonville is a key bus and rail interchange, so making improvements to the bus route and bus stops along this route will mean easier, safer and more reliable journeys for people. We will give buses priority at key intersections and locations where traffic queues are common, by giving them a lane or a signal which allows the bus to go first. 

We also want to improve the shared walking and cycling paths from Johnsonville through the Ngā Ūranga Gorge to give people safer separation from SH1 traffic. We will also provide clearer signage for people walking or riding bikes along this route.

Other improvements we would like to make are to give people easier access to bus stops through some changes to footpaths and pedestrian crossings, and relocating or upgrading some bus stops. This will involve removing some on-street parking on the main roads.

Why we are doing this

We want to make it safer and easier for people to choose to walk, bike, or use public transport.

Around 15,000 vehicles travel around the Johnsonville Triangle and along Johnsonville Road each day. Buses, people riding bikes, and people walking, all have to compete for space and their journeys are often delayed because of traffic congestion.  People who ride their bikes or walk to the city centre via Ngā Ūranga Gorge feel unsafe, especially where paths are narrow, and traffic is moving fast.

Johnsonville/Ngā Ūranga FAQs

What we've heard

As part of the work we’re doing to create more connected, safer and efficient access to and through Johnsonville, Ngā Ūranga and the city, in late 2022 we asked the local community to tell us what they thought about options to:

  • Enhance bus and cycle connections
  • Improve access to bus stops & bus reliability
  • Provide safety improvements, including for vulnerable road users
  • Enhance placemaking, additional greening, and bringing our mana whenua values and narratives to life.

We were extremely grateful to those in the community who attended our sessions and gave their feedback on our thinking, to help us in developing a preferred option to proceed with to the next stage of our work.

The engagement report outlining this feedback and our findings from the community can be found here.

We are still working to resolve the complexities with some of the options. We are focused on reaching a view on a preferred option, which we hope to have in the coming months.

This work is part of our wider efforts to balance the demands on budgets, resource and the needs of Wellingtonians across our projects, to move Wellington toward better transport connections across the city and suburbs, as well as improving how people move around, do business and enjoy time in the central city.

If you would like to receive updates on this work, please register for City Streets updates here. We welcome community engagement and feedback on what is proposed.

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