Why change is needed

We need to make changes to Cobham Drive to provide better crossing options for pedestrians and cyclists, and to make the area safer.

Better crossing options needed

We want to make it easier for more people to use the new Tahitai walking and bike paths. The Cobham Drive section of Tahitai was recently opened and paths around Akau Tangi - Evans Bay connecting to Oriental Bay and the central city are under construction.

There is currently no safe crossing point anywhere on Cobham Drive from the Miramar Cutting to the traffic lights at Evans Bay Parade. This means it is more difficult for people in Miramar to walk or bike to destinations like the ASB Sports Centre, the beach at Lyall Bay, or the shops in Kilbirnie. It means it is harder for people in Rongotai or Kilbirnie to get on to the new Tahitai paths.

The long-distance between safe crossings also means that many people make unsafe crossings when walking or biking in the area. This leads to near misses, and in 2016, a person was killed while crossing near the Troy Street roundabout.

Watch video of people putting themselves and others at risk while crossing Cobham Drive:

Safer speeds to save lives

Lowering speed limits on these roads could save the life of someone you know.

Our priority is to make these roads safer as soon as possible so that everyone living on, and using it, can get where they are going safely. We are also working on major projects to improve transport options along this route.

Speed is a factor in every crash. No matter what the cause of the crash is, the faster the vehicle is travelling, the more likely it is that somebody will be hurt or die. People make mistakes, and we will never eliminate crashes, but speed can be the factor that determines whether you are killed, seriously injured or walk away unharmed.

On SH1 between the Mount Victoria Tunnel and the Airport, two people were killed and 16 seriously injured in crashes between 2011 and 2020. (Note: 2020 figures are incomplete)

This part of SH1 is particularly unsafe for people walking or biking. Alongside the new crossing, we need to set safer speed limits so that everyone in the area can get around safely.

Parts of SH1 East of Mount Victoria have speed limits which are too high for the type of road environment. Narrow roads with footpaths, intersections and driveways are not suitable for 70km/h speed limits. Ruahine Street and Calabar Road are areas we propose to set lower speed limits to keep all road users safer.

Setting a 60km/h speed limit on Cobham Drive also supports the safety of the planned crossing.

SH1 towards the Airport

Calabar Rd towards the city

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