Cobham Drive Crossing and SH1 Safer Speeds

We are making our roads safer for everyone with a new crossing on Cobham Drive and safer speeds on SH1 between Mount Victoria Tunnel and the airport.

About this project

We want to make it safer and easier to walk and bike in the Miramar, Kilbirnie and Rongotai area, to help achieve our goal of moving more people with fewer vehicles. There is currently no safe place to cross anywhere on Cobham Drive from the Miramar Cutting to the traffic lights at Evans Bay Parade. The crossing will improve access to the new Tahitai walking and bike paths which link the eastern suburbs with the central city. The Cobham Drive section of Tahitai was opened earlier this year.

We have also lowered the speed limits between the Mount Victoria Tunnel and Wellington Airport. Too many people are being killed or seriously injured while driving, walking or biking on roads and paths in Wellington. Let’s Get Wellington Moving aims to make our roads, streets and paths safer for everyone. We all want Wellington’s transport system to be free of death and serious injury. Together with the proposed crossing, the safer speed limits will help reduce the number of crashes and help prevent deaths and serious injuries on these roads.

Where this project is happening

SH1 between the Mt Victoria Tunnel (Taurima Street) and Wellington Road, and along Cobham Drive through to Calabar Rd.



The technical teams looked at a range of crossing options and carried out assessments on potential speed changes.

Mid 2021

You provided feedback on the proposed crossing location and speed change.

March 2022

Your feedback, alongside technical assessments, has informed our decision to proceed with a signalised ‘at grade’ crossing on Cobham Drive. As part of the safety improvements, Waka Kotahi has decided to proceed with the proposed speed limit changes to State Highway 1, east of Mt Victoria Tunnel.

April 2022

New speed limits on SH1, east of Mt Victoria Tunnel, came into effect on Tuesday 26 April.

May 2022 (current)

Construction of the Cobham Crossing is planned to get underway this month.

January 2023

With construction underway in May, we’re aiming to have the crossing completed and operational by January 2023

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