Central City Walking Improvements

Creating a better environment for walking, to make the central city safer and a more enjoyable place to spend time in.

About this project 

We’re planning small intersection changes on Wellington city streets to make it safer, quicker and easier to cross the road and improve access to and from the waterfront.  
This will also encourage more people to get around the city by foot and decrease private vehicle use.  

Why change is needed 

These improvements will help to create an accessible city for everyone, including people using wheelchairs, people with prams and small children, people with limited mobility and people who have visual impairment. 
This work is weather dependent and in the event of unsuitable weather or other unforeseen circumstances, the work will possibly be delayed.  

Where this project is happening 

We are implementing changes at multiple city intersections on three road corridors. We chose these intersections because many people use them, they intersect with some of the busiest roads in the city and they involve long delays to cross. 

Changes are located in the following areas:

Waterfront route (Waterloo, Customhouse and Jervois Quays) between Bunny Street and the City to Sea Bridge

Jervois Quay & Harris Intersection Changes

Completed work:

Whitmore & Stout St Intersection Changes

The improvements are complete. 

Whitmore & Featherston St Intersection Changes

The improvements are complete. 

Vivian Street between Willis Street and Cambridge Terrace

Vivian & Willis St Intersection Changes


Vivian & Victoria St Intersection Changes


Vivian & Cuba St Intersection Changes


Vivian & Taranaki St Intersection Changes


Vivian & Tory St Intersection Changes


November 2021

We've made changes to the Whitmore Street/Stout Street and Whitmore Street/Featherston Street intersections.

April - August 2022

We are making changes to intersections on Vivian Street.

September 2022 - May 2023 (current)

We’ll be making changes to intersections on Jervois, Customhouse and Waterloo Quays.

August - October 2023

We’ll be making changes to the intersection of The Terrace & Bowen Street.

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