Central city safer speeds streets

Streets that will stay at 50km/h

The main arterial routes that will stay at 50km/h are:

Waterloo Quay

Customhouse Quay (north of Panama Street)

Jervois Quay

Cable Street

Wakefield Street (east of Taranaki Street)

Kent Terrace

Cambridge Terrace

Taranaki Street (with no change to the existing 30km/h zone at the Courtenay Place intersection).

Vivian Street and Karo Drive, which are part of SH1 and managed by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, would also remain at 50km/h.


Streets that will change to 30km/h

The streets that will change to 30km/h are:

Abel Smith Street (east of Willis Street)

Allen Street

Alpha Street

Athol Crescent


Ballance Street

Barker Street

Barnett Street

Blair Street

Bond Street

Boulcott Street (east of The Terrace)

Bowen Street (east of The Terrace)

Brandon Street

Bunny Street

Bute Street


Chaffers Street

Chews Lane

Christeson Lane

Church Street

College Street

Cornhill Street

Courage Lane

Cuba Street

Customhouse Quay (south of Panama Street)


Dalmuir Lane

Dixon Street (east of Willis Street)

Dunlop Terrace


Ebor Street

Edward Street

Egmont Street

Ellers Avenue

Eva Street


Farmers Lane

Featherston Street (south of Bunny Street)

Feltex Lane

Fifeshire Avenue

Flagstaff Lane

Footscray Avenue

Forresters Lane

Francis Place

Frankville Terrace

Furness Lane

Frederick Street


Garrett Street

Ghuznee Street (east of Willis Street)

Gilmer Terrace

Grey Street


Haining Street

Halleys Lane

Harris Street

Holland Street

Hunter Street


Jessie Street

Johnston Street


Kelvin Grove

Kensington Street

Knigges Avenue


Leeds Street

Lombard Street

Lorne Street

Lynn Road


Maginnity Street

Maning Lane

Marion Street

Market Lane

Martin Square

Masons Lane


Opera House Lane

O’Reily Avenue


Panama Street

Post Office Square

Pringle Avenue


Railway Station Drive

Rosina Fell Lane


Sages Lane

Shell Lane

St Hill Street

Stout Street

Swan Lane


Tennyson Street

The Terrace (north of Boulcott Street)

Tonks Grove

Tory Street


Victoria Street (north of Karo Drive)


Wakefield Street (west of Taranaki Street)

Walter Street

Waring Taylor Street

Whitmore Street

Wigan Street

Willeston Street

Willis Street (north of Karo Drive)

Woodward Street


York Street


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