Central city safer speeds

The speed limits on most central city streets are now 30km/h.

What has changed

The speed limit on most central city streets has changed from 50km/h to 30km/h. This decision was made unanimously by Wellington City Councillors on 11 June, and is the first step in encouraging more people to walk and cycle in the central city.

The speed limit on the main through roads will stay at 50km/h. This is to encourage people driving through the city to use these main routes rather than quieter streets. The map below shows the streets that are 30km/h. You can also view a list of affected streets

For now, Taranaki Street remains at 50km/h although this is likely to be changed in the future. If it becomes part of a mass rapid transit route, we’d review the speed limit at that time.

Why do this now?

We need to make a start now on moving more people with fewer vehicles.

A 30km/h speed limit will help to make Wellington’s city centre a more pleasant and relaxed place, and provide a better environment for people walking and on bikes. 

With a growing population, it’s crucial more of us use public transport, walk or bike. Safer central city speeds will help to encourage this.

Safer speed zone

The map of the city centre and Te Aro shows the safer speed zone.

If you're having trouble viewing the map below, download a PDF (180KB PDF).

You can also view a full list of the affected streets.


Community engagement

From 24 February to 31 March 2020, Let’s Get Wellington Moving engaged on the proposal to lower central city speed limits in Wellington.

Feedback was sought on reducing speed limits on all central city streets to 30km/h with the exception of the main roads (Waterloo Quay, Customhouse Quay, Jervois Quay, Cable Street, Wakefield Street, Kent Terrace, Cambridge Terrace, Vivian Street and Karo Drive) which were proposed to remain at 50 km/h.

There were 1712 submissions, including 24 from stakeholder groups. Sixty-four percent of submitters supported the proposal while 34 percent opposed it.

From 6 November to 15 December 2019, Let’s Get Wellington Moving engaged on an earlier proposal to lower central city speed limits in Wellington.

There were 1190 pieces of feedback received from 475 people, including seven submissions from stakeholder groups.

The engagement had a map-based platform where people could give their feedback on specific locations


Feb-Mar 2020

Early June

Mid 2020 (current)

Feedback on central city safer speeds

Total responses


people have had their say

Do you support the proposal as shown which will lower the speed limit to 30km/h on the proposed streets?

52% Strongly support
Answer Percentage of total responses
Strongly support 52%
Support 12%
Neutral 2%
Oppose 9%
Strongly oppose 25%
Don't know 0%
Did not answer 1%

What is your main relationship to the central city area?

45% I work in the area
Answer Percentage of total responses
I live in the area 25%
I work in the area 45%
I own or manage a business in the area 3%
I visit the area occasionally (such as to shop or visit friends) 14%
I travel through the area to get to somewhere else 8%
I never go to the central city 0%
Other 3%
Did not answer 1%

How do you usually travel to get to the central city?

23% walk
Answer Percentage of total responses
walk 23%
public transport (bus or train) 18%
bicycle 19%
motorbike or motor scooter 4%
car 20%
e-scooter, skateboard, etc 0%
Did not answer 14%

Age of people giving feedback

25% 30-39
Answer Percentage of total responses
Under 14 0%
14-18 1%
19-29 18%
30-39 25%
40-49 21%
50-59 18%
60-69 9%
70-79 5%
80+ 1%
Did not answer 3%


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