What’s our vision for Wellington?

  • A great harbour city, accessible to all
  • With attractive places
  • Shared streets
  • And efficient local and regional journeys

To realise our vision we need to move more people with fewer vehicles.


How did we get to our vision?

We started with the kind of city and region our community wants, and defined the transport system needed to enable that.

Programme Objectives

Program Objectives: liveability, access, reduced car reliance, safety, resilience

The community’s urban design and transport principles

We talked to people across the region and asked them to tell us what they love about Wellington City and what frustrates them about getting around it. Around 10,000 people responded.

We used their feedback to develop 12 guiding principles we’ve used to plan and assess our programme.

Wider view, future-proof and resilient, past present future, clean and green

Set in nature, compact city, better public transport, safe and accessible

Travel choices, predictable travel times, growth, supply and demand


Our priorities for the region’s success

The Let's Get Wellington Moving partners have shared priorities for the region’s future.

Resilient, Greener, Compact, Inclusive and Connected, Vibrant and Prosperous