Three-year programme

Our Three-year programme is a collection of projects prioritised for development, so we can start moving more people with fewer vehicles.

We need to prioritise some projects

While we work on the next steps for the wider programme, there are some existing projects we can fast-track. These form a 'Three-year programme' of early delivery work.

Our Three-year programme focuses on:

  • making travel by bus to and through the central city faster and more reliable, and
  • creating a better environment for people walking and on bikes.

Projects that are part of our Three-year programme

The projects in our early delivery programme are:

  • Golden Mile: transforming the Golden Mile to move more people with fewer vehicles, creating space for thriving and attractive streets in the heart of Wellington.
  • Central City Safer Speeds: the speed limit on most central city streets has changed from 50km/h to 30km/h, and is the first step in encouraging more people to walk and cycle in the central city.
  • Thorndon Quay & Hutt Road: creating safe and reliable ways to travel, and a more attractive street environment to help transform this gateway to the city for everyone.
  • Cobham Drive crossing: providing a safe crossing for walking and cycling on Cobham Drive, and reviewing speed limits on SH1 between Mt Victoria tunnel and the airport, to make the road safer for everyone.
  • Central City Walking Improvements: small intersection changes on some streets to make it safer, quicker and easier to cross, and to get to and from the waterfront.

Where these projects are happening

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