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Some Let's Get Wellington Moving projects may have an effect on properties nearby. Find out what that could mean for property owners.

We acknowledge that announcements about our programme can create uncertainty for people who own property or live or work near the proposed projects.

Investigation, evaluation and early design work is underway on a number of our projects. This work will involve further consultation with the community and with people who may be directly affected. It will be some time before we know which individual properties will be affected, and what those effects might be. However, here is some information about the process and answers to common questions. 

When will I know which properties may be affected?

Investigation, evaluation and early design work is underway on a number of Let's Get Wellington Moving projects, but we are not yet able to confirm which properties may be affected.

When this work is complete, we will begin to understand potential effects on properties.

Before we can start constructing any project that requires property, Let's Get Wellington Moving will need to apply for and secure resource consents, and have land designated for the construction and operation of each project.

At the completion of the planning phase (often known as the business case phase) we will know which properties are likely to be directly affected and we will have contacted the owners of these properties to discuss what this means for them.

At the next phase of project development (land designation and resource consents), we will know the likely extent of land impact for each affected property, and can confirm which properties will need to be fully or partially acquired.

What happens if a property is needed for a Let’s Get Wellington Moving project?

At the moment no properties are required for Let's Get Wellington Moving.

In New Zealand, the Public Works Act 1981 sets out the process for the acquisition of land for government and local works. It ensures that both landowners and the acquiring agencies are treated fairly by the process.

Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) is responsible for administering the Public Works Act. LINZ have produced a helpful guide for what to expect if your land is required for government or local works.

Let's Get Wellington Moving has been going for a while. When will I know more?

Our programme began in 2016 with the plan to develop a package of ideas to solve transport problems facing Wellington city and our region, now and into the future.

Since then, the programme has done more detailed investigations of all the elements of that package and how they work together to meet our objectives. This stage of investigation, evaluation and consultation takes a few years as part of a business case process that leads to decisions to develop more detailed proposals. The measures proposed are not quick fixes but major investments in our transport system.

You can expect to see the proposed ideas, give your feedback and be involved in the process well before any proposals are confirmed and the works can start – particularly if you live in a community that could be most affected.

While we have been investigating the wider programme, we have made a start to help change how people move into and around the city with our Three-year programme. Projects in the Three-year programme do not require properties.

I’m a concerned property owner, who can I talk to?

We know that news about our projects may create uncertainty for people who own property or live or work near proposed projects.

If this uncertainty is affecting you, please get in touch with us:

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