Economic growth and other plans

We know we want Wellington to be one of the best places to live in the world – smart, dynamic, people-centred, eco-friendly and connected: Towards 2040: Smart Capital

We also have ambitious plans to grow our economy by attracting more smart businesses, research institutes and students.

Plans include a longer runway, more flights, and exciting new facilities and attractions like the combined new movie museum and convention centre to bring more people here.

The Wellington Urban Growth Plan – developed in 2015 with community input – is about:

  • being a smart, vibrant, sustainable and even more people-centred place
  • having  a dynamic central city
  • looking after our environment, including our unique harbour, coastline and hills
  • being better prepared for earthquakes and climate change affects like sea-level rise
  • and keeping the city compact, walkable and supported by an efficient transport network.

Any options developed through this project will be guided by these and other already agreed city and regional plans.

Wellington towards 2040: Smart Capital

Wellington Urban Growth Plan

Wellington City’s 10-year plan

Wellington Regional Land Transport Plan 2015

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