Analysis of public comments

In April and May we heard from 10,000 people across a range of channels:

  • Phone survey (750 people)
  • GWRC research panel survey (631 people)*
  • WCC research panel survey (643 people)*
  • Street survey (1000 people)
  • LGWM website survey (2503 people)*
  • LGWM website image poll (23,913 responses)*

In each of the surveys, people answered a range of questions and made a number of comments that covered a wide range of topics.

To understand what people told us, we focussed on the comments we received in the online surveys (highlighted with an asterisk above).

In total, we looked at 26,775 comments from 7,922 people.

We read all of the comments from the GWRC, WCC, and LGWM website surveys (14,473 comments).

We sampled (approximately 50%) of the comments received from the online image survey (12,302 comments).

In particular, we wanted to find out what people were saying about the following topics:

  1. Congestion
  2. Public Transport
  3. Cycling
  4. Pedestrians
  5. Parking
  6. The Basin Reserve

LGWM comments analysis insight graphic

Download LGWM-comments-analysis-5Dec16.pdf (PDF, 253KB) to view a summary of what people said about each of these topics.

Download LGWM-comments-analysis-5Dec16.xlsx (MS Excel, 1MB) to view all of the 26,775 comments we analysed.

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