Community guidelines

We want to foster an informed and engaged online space, where users can connect and have constructive conversations.  

To create and maintain this respectful space, we ask that you follow the platform’s community guidelines, as well as our own community guidelines. 

Be respectful to others. We welcome questions, comments, constructive feedback and differing opinions as long as you are relevant and respectful with what you post. We do not tolerate content that is abusive, obscene, explicit, offensive, defamatory, threatening, sexually explicit, discriminatory, unlawful, or hateful to another person or organisation – including us, our partners, and our employees. 

Protect your personal information. Do not post your own, or other people’s personal information. This includes information that could identify or locate a person. 

Do not spam. Making the same point over and over on the same or different channels is considered spam. Content that is repeatedly irrelevant is also considered spam. This includes advertisements and solicitations. Stay on topic and be respectful. 

Make sure it’s yours. Only share content you have permission to use. If you are sharing content from our account, include credit or tag the account.  



Let’s Get Wellington Moving (LGWM) is not responsible for third-party websites or content that may be linked to from our channels. Review the policies of all third-party websites you visit. LGWM is not responsible for views expressed other than our own. 

By making any contribution to the LGWM social media accounts or other platforms publicly - including comments, photos or videos – you're granting LGWM permission to reuse this content. Additionally, any unsolicited ideas or suggestions you post on our social media pages will automatically become property of Let's Get Wellington Moving without limitation, with no obligation for us to compensate you. 

LGWM reserves the right to: 

  • Determine what constitutes as a breach of these guidelines 
  • Remove content that is in breach of these guidelines 
  • Ban users from our channels for serious or repeated breaches of these guidelines 
  • Send any content to law enforcement authorities for investigation as we feel necessary or is required by law 

If you feel as though we’ve made a mistake in removing content or users from our channels, please contact us at 

If you find content on channels that you believe breaches these guidelines, please use reporting tools provided by the platform or contact us at 

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